About the Quebec Pain Portal

The Quebec Pain Portal aims to list and provide information regarding pain for patients, health care professionals and researchers. This site also seeks to facilitate interactions between members of these groups.  

This site, built in collaboration with recognized pain specialists, provides validated information that is updated to reflect current knowledge about pain.  

Whether you are a patient, a physician, a nurse, a researcher or any other concerned person, we invite you to contact us to share resources, or to send us your comments or questions.  

About pain

The Canadian Pain Society and the Canadian Pain Coalition recently published a fact sheet about pain in Canada.  In this document, it is stated that:

  • Pain is the most common reason for seeking health care
  • One in five adult Canadian suffers from chronic pain
  • The prevalence of pain increases with age
  • The suicide risk of people living with pain is twice that of people without pain

Read the Pain in Canada Fact Sheet (PDF) to learn more.