Adequate pain management saves lives

Since 2010, the MUHC has offered a Chronic Pain Self-Management Program called “My Tool Box,” which is a free six-week program designed to teach people skills required to live well with their chronic health conditions. Dr. Radcliffe-Branch, Director of the MUHC's Chronic Pain Self-Management Program, has received testimonies of people whose pain made them question the value of life itself.   The Canadian Pain Coalition's Pain Fact sheet states that the suicide risk of people living with pain is twice that of people without pain.

According to Dr. Radcliffe-Branch there is a huge stigma associated with chronic pain because it is not “seen”, it is invisible. People suffering with chronic pain often find family members, friends and employers have a difficult time understanding they are in constant pain and that there are limitations to what they can do. “And that is really hard because they have to live with the pain, and they also must try to convince people whom they are close to that they are truly suffering. Many people are still accused of being psychosomatic or exaggerating.”

“We help our participants live better lives through the use of the right tools at the right time in the right way,” says Dr. Radcliffe-Branch. “I am so gratified the MUHC can provide this evidence-based program to chronic pain sufferers—we are truly making a difference.”

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The MUHC is making a difference and saving lives

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