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Medical marijuana expert Mark Ware interviewed in the New York Times

Dr Mark Ware

An interview with Dr. Mark Ware, Co-Director of the Quebec Pain Research Network, was published recently in the New York Times.  
In this interview Dr. Ware, who is also director of the Canadian Consortium for the Investigation of Cannabinoids and Director of clinical research of the Alan Edwards Pain Management Unit of McGill University Health Center, explains how he became interested in the medical possibilities of cannabis, and the importance of further research on this subject.

Registration is open for the MUHC’s My Toolbox Chronic Disease Self-Management Program for the April 2015 session.

Register now for the April session of ‘My Toolbox’, the highly successful MUHC chronic disease self-management program! Workshops begin late April, 2015. My Toolbox offers free 6-week workshops designed to help people learn the skills to live well with chronic health conditions including asthma, arthritis, chronic pain, diabetes, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer, etc.

Unmasking Chronic Pain

Unmasking chronic pain - Association québécoise de la douleur chronique

The Chronic Pain Association of Québec, Association québécoise de la douleur chronique, has recently released an advertising insert for Quebec newspapers to raise public awareness of chronic pain.  The insert includes patient testimonies,including one by AQDC President Jacques Laliberté, and interviews with researchers, and health care professionals specialising in chronic pain treatment.  

View the insert on the AQDC website, 

McGill's Graduate Certificate in Chronic Pain Management receives CME accreditation

graduate program in chronic pain

The Graduate Certificate in Chronic Pain Management, offered through McGill's School of Physicial and Occupational Therapy, in collaboration with the Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain, is an online interdisciplinary and interprofessional training program offered in French and English.  Starting in September, participants will be eligible to obtain CME accreditation from the CACME through McGill's Office for Continuing Professional Development.

Listen to pain research expert Yves De Koninck discuss advances in chronic pain management on Public radio

Yves De Koninck

Pain research expert Yves De Koninck was invited to participate in a discussion of new knowledge about chronic pain and how this will translate to better care for chronic pain sufferers on Minnesota Public Radio.  You can listen to the whole segment here: Daily circuit segment on chronic pain , or download an mp3 file of the discussion here: dailycircuitchronicpain_20150106_64.mp3

The ABC's of a good posture - advice from the physiotherapist Denis Fortier

Listen to advice from physiotherapist Denis Fortier, explaining the ABC's of a good posture in the January 4th Trucs & Cie television show (on V télé).  View the video here (in French only): ABC d'une bonne posture

Book published - Libérez-vous de la douleur, by Frédérick Dionne

Livre Libérez-vous de la douleurDestined for people suffering from chronic pain, the book "Libérez-vous de la douleur", published by Payot & Rivages, suggests a method based on mindfulness meditation and acceptance and engagement therapy to learn to live with pain every day.  

New Chronic Pain training offered in Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Many clinicians of the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region will receive training on November 29 about the chronic pain self care programs  PASSAGE and PÉGASO. The participants will come from various clinics of the region, such as the Pain Clinic of the Abitibi CSSS Les Eskers, which has recently been designated as a regional centre of expertise on chronic pain, and the Santé V.I.P. Solutions Médicales clinic.  These centers will then be able to offer these new treatment options to their patients, who will become active partners in chronic pain treatment.  

Adequate pain management saves lives

Since 2010, the MUHC has offered a Chronic Pain Self-Management Program called “My Tool Box,” which is a free six-week program designed to teach people skills required to live well with their chronic health conditions. Dr. Radcliffe-Branch, Director of the MUHC's Chronic Pain Self-Management Program, has received testimonies of people whose pain made them question the value of life itself.   The Canadian Pain Coalition's Pain Fact sheet states that the suicide risk of people living with pain is twice that of people without pain.

Advice from a physiotherapist to prevent chronic pain

Read the advice of Denis Fortier, physiotherapist at theCHU Sainte-Justine, to prevent chronic pain in the Huffington Post: Prévenir la douleur chronique (in French only)